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Our philosophy


Our company’s creative approach is based not only on decades of experience, but also on the professional backgrounds of all our employees. A fundamental understanding of technologies is key to finding the optimal solution to any challenge.


Cooperation with our customers is a constant source of new ideas and development directions. The development of new coating services and the expansion of the production portfolio are a concrete result of our ultimate goal of perfect customer satisfaction.


One of our highest priorities is to meet the customer’s deadlines without compromising the quality of our services. Maximum flexibility is firmly integrated into TECHNO-COAT’s quality management system and is therefore a direct result of its careful implementation.

What makes us

TECHNO-COAT is a surface technology company with about 25 employees in Upper Lusatia. The company was founded in 1996 and is mainly engaged in the development and production of special coating systems using PVD vacuum technologies. This is our core competence under the label deQoline® .

We also offer other coating processes such as electroplating (zinc, nickel, chrome), Burnishing and Stainless steel blackening plating.
Our specialty is the combination of different processes (electroplating + PVD, PVD + anodic oxidation).

In order to check the quality of our current work ourselves, to test and optimize creative further developments and to keep our customers consistently satisfied, we have our own modern analysis and laboratory technology.
Every year, we train young people to become industrial mechanics, mechatronics engineers and office clerks.

Techno Coat?

Thirty years of our presence in the coating world has provided us with a tremendous wealth of experience that allows us to take on any new challenge or coating request. From the most sensitive electroplated non-ferrous metals to the hardest carbide tools, our company has the necessary “know-how”!
Our company is ISO 9001 certified and we strictly adhere to the quality principles. This means that our entire production chain is strictly defined and absolute traceability of all professional services is guaranteed.
In addition to the quality of our surface treatments, our customers particularly appreciate our flexibility and adherence to deadlines. The quality system is designed to enable the fastest possible service delivery.
Electroplating and polishing are considered the ideal pre-treatment to achieve the most beautiful and highest quality surfaces with PVD technology. Our company can offer customers the complete package. The surface can be polished to extremely low roughness levels and then electroplated for a beautiful mirror-like appearance.
Our quality system also provides for immediate handling of complaint problems that may arise during production. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to discuss all of your needs, whether they are past, present or future services.

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