If you want to build a ship...

... teach people to yearn for the vast and endless sea.


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry




Sailing the waves ridges onboard a newly restored yacht in a refreshing breeze with swelled sails and sparkling sea spray on your skin – doesn't that sound like a dream?
With the restoration of ship components of the 1930 built J-Class-Yacht "Shamrock V" we demonstrated the out- standing performance of our PVD coating even under the challenging conditions of aggresive weathering. All of these parts had paid their tribute to decades in sunlight and salt water. 3000 items – ranging from simple screws to the ship's bell right up to heavy-weight winches – received a brilliant, bronze coloured and durable PVD coating (so called Shamrock-Finish) in 2000 at our headquarters in Zittau. This at the time customized coating brilliantly withstands the elements of nature and arouses admiration whereever the yacht appears. Since then we restored and polished up a large number of components for different yachts and improved our coating solutions.

Ask us, we like new challenges and unusual tasks.