Depending on material and required processing in our on-site polishing workshop we offer the following pretreatments and finishing processes:



According to material and type of processing parts thereby get treated with a variety of grinding wheels and discs. With this method it is possible to coarsely ablate, achieve smooth surfaces, remove oxides or to optimally prepare items optimal for final polishing.


Polishing is a surface fine treatment whereby the so called roughness peaks of the surface structure get eliminated by material abrasion and deformation. It is primarily used to create a smooth surface as a basis for following processes such as high gloss coatings. In addition to that it is widely used to treat intermediary layers like nickel prior to chrome plating.


This method is especially used to create textured surfaces on parts made of steel, stainless steel, bronze or brass. Brushing is furthermore generally applied to clean, descale and derust metallic items. For highly diverse applications a wide range of technical brushes is available.  


Blasting is an abrasive surface treatment method in which a stream of blasting medium is sprayed onto a metallic item under high pressure. Depending on the field of application different types of blasting media (e.g. corundum and glass beads) with various particle sizes can be used. As a result it is possible to remove surface contaminants such as old coatings, mill scale or rust. The so called decorative blasting  to create specific surface structures represents a further practice.



We provide customized solutions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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