Das Maß aller Dinge - so Protagoras - ist der Mensch.


The standard for the perfect surface and the way there – are we. As a successful manufacturer you know exactly what characteristics, for example with regard to design, appearance and practical value, your product should possess. Thereby the products surface plays a key role as it gives customers the first impression of your product.

Make your customers first impression a lasting impression.

With our label deQoline® we meet the most diverse demands and great expactations our clients set in surface finishings: wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, ease of care, biocompatibility, colourfulness, brilliance and adhesive strength.



Many years of experience, extensive know- ledge and latest technology are the solid basis to competently and individually meet those requirements. As contract coater we use a variety of processes and developed specific coating systems to provide high-quality service and innovative solutions. The decisive factor is that your products – whether they are made of stainless steel, carbide, brass, aluminium or other materials – get equipped with the perfect surface that gives it appreciation, an excellent brilliance or outstanding colour effects. That is the small but essential advantage that your competitors will envy.


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